Walker Mowers

American Ingenuity at its finest. The premier zero-turn mower with true, year round productivity.  Since the early 80’s, the Walker Mowers has been providing an efficient way to cut lawns beautifully.


The out-front Walker deck gives operators results that are different.

The well-balanced Walker moves efficiently on flat ground and hills. Operator position, balanced weight distribution, and a low center of gravity set the Walker apart.

walker mower dealer moberly moTrimming
It's out-front deck position, trimming up close is effortless – Trimming with a Walker is fast, easy, and accurate.

The low profile, front-mount deck allows operators to trim underneath low hanging trees, split rail fence and other landscape features.

The unrestricted operator view not only makes for comfortable, safe operation; it also enables a beautiful cut.

Weight Matters
A lightweight mower improves productivity and agility and is key in producing a beautiful cut.

Minimize Rutting
Walker Mowers can mow the same patterns week after week, in a variety of conditions, without causing unsightly tracks or damaged grass and will help minimize ground rutting.

Reduced Turf Damage
Walker’s Counter-Weight Springs transfer weight from the caster tires to the drive tires which reduces turning friction and minimizes twisting and rutting damage caused by excessive weight on the front casters, while also improving drive tire traction resulting in more agility and less tire spin.

Flexible Deck
The Walker torsion-flex carrier frame allows the deck to freely articulate and twist laterally producing a smooth cut, even over complicated ground contours. Walker Mowers are ideal for mowing uneven turf.

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The Walker Advantage