At Superior Adventure Center we don't sell hunks of fiberglass and metal; we help you make memories. We've been helping you make memories for over 26 years. And, we don't just take vacations either. We have Adventures!

A vacation becomes an Adventure when something unexpected happens and you are prepared to take it all in stride and enjoy the complete experience. We help you make this possible. Whether you are taking an hour or several days, an Adventure is a memory you will keep forever. We have have been guiding adventurous trips throughout the United States for years!

The experts at Superior Adventure Center will show you something you never knew existed! Get out of your comfort zone and experience a new adventure! We'll even take your average recreational vehicle and customize it based on the adventure we're planning!

We recently planned a trip to Southern Utah, moving and setting up camp while we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the mountains, deserts, and canons. No cell phones or everyday hassles, just good clean adventures to broaden your horizons! Imagine how much fun you'd have enjoying the great outdoors with us!

Call us today to learn more about our next guided off-road adventure!

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