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So, after years of faithful service, your trusty lawn mower finally stopped working?

Are you a homeowner, or a professional landscaper? Do you own a small yard in the city, or a large property in the country? Either way we can help!

No matter who you are, and what type of mowing you do, we have the right equipment to fit your needs.

We carry innovative and high-quality options from Husqvarna and Walker Mowers.


Lawn Mower Buying Guide

It’s time to select a new one, but where do you start?  No two yards are exactly the same.Lawn Mower Dealer Moberly Missouri

Whatever your reason for needing a new lawn mower, you’ve come to the right place.

We can help you determine the important factors, including:

  • Size of Yard
  • Features of Your Yard
  • Mower Features You Want
  • Your Schedule and Availability

Size of Yard

Your yard’s dimensions are an important factor to consider when choosing between different types of lawn mowers. Here’s the approximate capacity of each of the common mower types:

  • Push mowers are suitable for lawns up to 1/3 acre.
  • Self-propelled walk mowers are suitable for lawns up to ½ acre.
  • Riding mowers, frequently sold as lawn tractors or garden tractors, are suitable for yards up to 2 acres or more.
  • Zero-turn mowers, the style that’s relied on by professionals, are suitable for yards up to 2 acres or more.
  • Robotic mowers are suitable for yards up to 1 ¼ acres (or more by using multiple units.)

Need help figuring the size of your yard?  Click Here To Figure The Size of Your Yard  (This will open a new window)

Features of Your Yard

Do you live on a sloped, empty lot?  Is your backyard home to flowerbeds and trees?   The features in your yard are as important as its size. Here are some things to consider:

  • Be sure to choose a push mower with high rear wheels to make it easier to maneuver around obstacles.
  • Front-wheel drive (FWD) mowers can handle flat terrain, while rear-wheel drive (RWD) mowers perform better on slopes. Choose an all-wheel drive (AWD) mower for the best of both worlds.
  • If you have obstacles in your yard, a zero-turn mower is smart choice. Plus, zero-turns typically perform well on slopes (though caution should be exercised on steeper grades.)
  • Robotic mowers can handle narrow passages and even slopes. For example, Husqvarna’s Automower® can handle grades up to 26°.

Mower Features You Want

zero turn mower dealer moberly missouriThere is a huge variety of mowers on the market which can make selecting the best mower for your needs difficult. We would love for you to come in and talk over your needs with our knowledgeable staff.  We can help match your needs with the best product.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Push mowers and self-propelled walk mowers offer bagging, side-discharge or mulching options. Choose a model that’s capable of all three to maximize versatility.
  • Some models of riding mower accept attachments, including aerators, dump carts and snow blowers, boosting their usefulness in outdoor projects of many kinds.
  • The steering style of zero-turn mowers offers excellent maneuverability and speed in complex spaces.
  • Robotic mowers cut just a little grass at a time on a frequent basis. As a result, they naturally fertilize the lawn with tiny clippings. The result is greener, healthier turf that requires less use of chemicals.

Your Schedule and Availability

One of the things some people forget to consider is your own schedule and lifestyle:  Here are some considerations:

Do you consider mowing the grass an opportunity for exercise? If so, a self-propelled walk mower or push mower is the obvious choice.

Do you have plenty of spare time to mow the lawn, and like to work on other outdoor projects?  Riding mowers offer great versatility.

Are you a lawn fanatic who loves having perfect stripes in the grass? Zero-turn mowers are the perfect solution and trusted by professionals for a reason.

Would you rather spend your time doing anything besides mowing? Look no further than robotic lawn mowers.


When choosing a lawn mower, it’s important to consider yard size and features, mower features, and your personal schedule.  Regardless of what you choose, we are ready to support you and the green spaces you call home.  Give us a call or stop by today – we will be glad to show you the options!